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This show addresses real issues, challenges and concerns that men and women face everyday. It’s not just about saving relationships, it’s about EMPOWERING individuals and helping families to Live BETTER, Love DEEPER and Laugh MORE.

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1st Mondays – Single Ladies

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“This was absolutely awesome last night. Any woman listening last night that truly wants to have a healthy relationship with her man was given priceless information. I hung up the phone “changed.” Thank you for providing a platform that empowered me to know how to be the queen my king deserves when he comes along.” ~ Traci Ward

“Hey Author Chris Richardson, Thanks for hosting a very interesting and thought-provoking show tonight. You certainly add value. It’s a pleasure supporting hosts like you!” ~ Jonathan Holley

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“I have been personally blessed by this anointed teacher and coach. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss! Chris Richardson is the truth!! Spread the word… Life changing… Take action now.” ~ Charlotte Brigham 

7 Reasons to Hire a Relationship Coach in Good Times

  1. Preparation – The U.S. Military doesn’t wait for conflict to arise before they get prepared. Absolutely not. They devise a tactical approach prior to any encounter with the opposition. You don’t wait until you become involved a relationship to learn the rules of engagement. Are you ready for deployment? Are you primed for emotional transparency?
  2. Understand the law of attraction – The basic precept of the law of attraction states that you get back what you put out. If you entertain a negative/positive thought you will reap a negative/positive result. But what if you aren’t conscious about what you’re putting out? How would you describe your last 3 relationships?
  3. Bridge the communication gap (Mars vs. Venus) – Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Ladies, how do you understand your man’s language, or the “man code”? Fellas, how do you effectively speak your ladies love language? Communication is not just verbal, it’s non-verbal. The non-verbal gestures will destroy the bridge. So, what are you really conveying?
  4. Stay true to self and don’t cross your lane. – How do you stay in your lane without compromising your identity? Discover who you really are in spite of who you project to be. What are you projecting?
  5. Cope with pain while dealing with stress. – Every one of us has pain and stress. If stress won’t take you out, your pain will. So, how do you walk-the-walk without checking out?
  6. Esteem your values. – 3 months ago everything was perfect. Now, they are not. Do you compromise? What do you do? How do you live by your core values?
  7. Break bad habits that are hidden generational patterns. – For years you’ve been a chain smoker. Why? Because both of your parents smoked. Discover how to overcome the habit and break free from the generational pattern?

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