I recently ordered a replacement headset.  After all, the one that I had prior kept getting tangled up with everything. I felt it was time for an upgrade, and began to search for a headset that would be practical and multi-purposeful. I asked a buddy at the gym who made a solid case for the brand he had. I was sold after hearing all the qualities. I just knew without a doubt that it was the right one for me.

Have you ever purchased an item based on someone else’s recommendation only to be disappointed and discontent? Or, maybe you just don’t know how to fully utilize the equipment you already have. If so, keep reading.

As I said earlier, I purchased the headset based on a recommendation. However, shortly after I received it, I was dissatisfied. The truth is I didn’t fully understand how to access and  benefit from all of its features.. It wasn’t the manufacturer’s fault. After all, they included the instructions in the case. No, In fact, I completely disregarded the manufacturer’s message. I simply believed the notion that all headsets were alike.

Comparatively, isn’t that what we do to God? We grow disappointed and become discontent with His creations. We disregard or worse completely bypass His instructions. Let me not make any assumptions… Indulge me for a minute. Have you ever attempted to put a piece of equipment, a toy, or even a relationship together? And simply because you had some level of prior knowledge and experience you felt it was unnecessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions? Good, then I’m not alone!

I’m no different. I too IGNORED the manufacturer’s manual and as a result, I subjected myself to some unnecessary irritation, aggravation and frustration simply because of my ignorance. I didn’t realize what I already had.

Making It Plain

Fellas, just because you see a cute face, tiny waist and a rump that isn’t on a roast doesn’t mean you claim her, play her, or replace her. One of the saddest things you can do is replace a real woman with a toy simply because you don’t realize what you have. When you don’t completely understand how to access and operate all of her functions, you’ll never get all of her benefits.  My question for you is, did you consult with the manufacturer (God) to begin with? The Apostle Peter tells us that we have to learn how to dwell with our wives in understanding so that our prayers to the manufacturer (God) will not be hindered. (1 Peter 3:7)

Likewise ladies, although you may not be as obvious with your desires, you know what you think or say to your girlfriends when you see a handsome guy walking your way with “straight teeth,” bulging biceps and tremendous triceps. Or perhaps you’re attracted to the professional man with credentials in front of or behind his name. The guy that casually speaks to you every morning as he strolls through the office wearing his custom tailored Armani suit with the athletic cut. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he’s your new beau or Boaz.

Listen, attractive people always attract people. Don’t get giddy and start believing that just because he’s looking at you means his heart is ready for you. I know this isn’t your first romance novel. A warm smile doesn’t always equate to a loving heart. Aren’t you married with a husband and three kids? I’m not here to judge you. I simply want to tell you, don’t block your blessing by ignoring the manufacturer’s (God) instructions. Learn how to realize and reap all the benefits of  what you already behold.

The mediator of TRUTH will set you free

The truth will set you free. The same person who recommended the headset to me just so happened to be there when I needed him again. All I did was call out his name. When he answered, I asked my question. Yes, he not only answered, but brought clarity and truth. Now I’m getting the full value of my headset.

If I hadn’t known him for myself I couldn’t have called his name. Our manufacturer is God. He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on Calvary’s Cross for YOU and ME. He died on Friday morning, was buried in a tomb and early on Sunday morning He has risen as the mediator of TRUTH to set YOU free. Do you realize what you have? Have you accessed the manufacturer’s instructions to reap the full benefit of the purchase that has already been paid?