Eutychus Is Not Dead

The Book of Acts is one of the most prolific passages of scripture in the Bible. It is one of two books written by a physician named Luke. Indulge me for a minute and allow me to lay the foundation for the story line. It begins with the establishment of the church after the ascension of the Messiah – Jesus Christ, but it ends with accusations and Jewish rejection towards Paul for spreading the GOSPEL. This book is also filled with many stories and highlights of the people, but more significantly, it ensues the introduction of the Holy Spirit and the promise kept by God.

It is in chapter 7, in which we are introduced to a killer named Saul. Two chapters later, we see that this same killer, Saul (Paul) has an encounter with Jesus. He experiences the power, forgiveness and the healing of Jesus. Then after his conversion he is given the assignment of duplicating the expression of Jesus’ love by sharing the Gospel to the Gentiles.

As we move to Chapter 20:7-12 NKJV (Click Here To Read Story), we arrive at our destination. Here we meet a young man named Eutychus. Eutychus means “good fortune.” The Strong’s Concordance definition says a youth restored to life.

The scripture says that the Eutychus gathered upstairs in a room filled with many people and lamps. One might only imagine how sweltering hot and unbearable that a 3rd story room might have been in those days without ceiling fans, or an air conditioner. We all know that heat rises. We don’t know very much about Eutychus, but what we do know is that he was thirsty for knowledge and wanted to seek truth. We know that he was smart enough to sit by the window, but not smart enough to protect himself from falling out of the window. As the events were written, Eutychus fell asleep on the ledge and fell 3-stories to his death. But the story didn’t end there. Eutychus was restored to life.

Lessons to Consider


Paul STOPS what he was doing. He then EXTENDS himself over the young man. He EMBRACES his body, he EXPLAINS himself to the people and then he ENCOURAGES Eutychus. As adults we cannot profess the love of Christ, if we don’t model the gospel of Jesus Christ in our actions towards our youth the gospel will not prevail.

    1. Paul stopped preaching to tend to the issue. We must be willing to stop what we are doing. Our young people need what we have to offer. We cannot be so in tune or self-righteous about our priorities that we fail to engage our youth in meaningful connection.
    2. Paul extended himself over Eutychus. We must be willing to extend ourselves by meeting them where they are. If we are ever going to move forward we can’t leave our youth behind, or act as if they don’t matter.
    3. Paul embraced Eutychus. We can only embrace them in love when we humble ourselves and put aside our pride. Our history does matter, but we cannot expect to collect a debt on what was done, when was is in front of us is what matters to our youth today. However, we can use the events of our history to teach and preach to our youth once we’ve learned how to embrace their ideas and appreciate their creativity.
    4. Paul was willing to explain himself to the people. We have to be willing to take the time to explain ourselves. Today’s culture lacks a moral compass to Biblical principles and spiritual discipline in truth. We cannot afford the mistake of writing off every young person as if they are dead and merely existing in a dying generation. We must speak life. Our youth are not dead.
    5. Young people need encouragement. Our challenge is that we start by trying to offer criticism, guidance and accountability, but we have failed to offer encouragement and make our message relative to their lives.

Young People

  1. Continue to seek knowledge and truth. Eutychus put himself in a posture and position to receive the word of life and truth. Eutychus wasn’t looking for notoriety, he was looking for knowledge.
  2. Respect leadership and authority. In order to connect with your destiny you must have an awareness of your history and respect those that were apart of it.
  3. Remain humble in waiting. Just because your story isn’t current trending on Twitter or on CNN, doesn’t mean that your name won’t be remembered. Eutychus was humble, he knew his name wasn’t the headline of the book, but God made sure his name resonated in the story.
  4. Remember whom you represent. You represent the future and the promise.
  5. Silence isn’t weakness. Just because he didn’t say anything before or after he fell, doesn’t mean his voice was silenced. Eutychus actions speak louder than his words.
  6. God is still real. If God redeemed Paul from his sinful addiction (killing Jews and followers of Jesus) and restored Eutychus when people looked over him and pronounced him dead. You are the Eutychus “good fortune” of tomorrow. Just know that God is still real. If He used Paul to restore life and perform a miracle on Eutychus, be comforted in knowing that He can restore your situation no matter how bleak it may appear.