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You would expect a marriage therapist to write about ways to promote positive relationships amongst men and women.  But an ex-Marine writing this type of book?  Never in a million years!   My curiosity motivated me to find out what Chris Richardson had to say about male and female relationships.  Why would he be interested in the subject?

Well, this ex-Marine has a wealth of insight to share.  I have deep respect for a man courageous enough to lift up the window shade to his heart and allow others to peek in on his failures.  And that’s exactly what you get from Chris.  You experience his authenticity and transparency.  You feel his passion to help couples “get it right” and honor Jesus Christ in their relationships.

Men, you will appreciate real talk and real answers from a real man.  A man who can “feel you” and empathize with your concerns.  Ladies, you will take a deep breath and exhale.  As you read each chapter, you will say to yourself, “Finally, a man who gets me and can interpret my heart to the brothers.”

My favorite parts of each chapter are the “Real Talk with Chris” moments. Metaphorically speaking, Chris goes from water skiing to scuba diving in his depth of understanding and vulnerability.

This book is a rare work from a rare man and is life changing and relationship enriching.  Once you read it and use a little Vitamin A (application) you and your relationships will never be the same.

Dr.  Johnny C. Parker, Jr.

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