God, “Are We There Yet!?”

In January of 2005 producers Ice Cube, Dan Kolsrud and Matt Alvarez produced a movie titled Are We There Yet? The movie was released, in the genre category – comedy. The storyline is loosely based on the life of a divorced mother of two children who tries her hand at the dating scene again. However, her two children plot to make it next to impossible for her to bring her dates around. They secretly conjure up different schemes by creating all sorts of homemade contraptions and distractions designed to keep her dates away. Despite all their shenanigans one man sets himself apart.

Those that have seen the movie or even watched the trailer might conclude that it wouldn’t require a magnifying glass; or a spotlight to see that there are several key things going on here with this storyline. We might even suggest from the title of the movie that not only are the kids asking, “Are we there yet?”, but the adults are asking the same question. One thing that we all have in common is that we are able to make choices, but the one thing that we cannot control is time. Our choice is our selection, arguably, time is more of God’s selection. However, our poor or selfish choices can at times delay God’s timing. Be that as it may, many of us already know this, but it does not prohibit us from asking the question, “Are we there yet?”

As I was driving down to Hampton, VA this past weekend, my oldest daughter, who was in the back seat of the vehicle, asked me that same question, “Are we there yet?” Let me clearly explain. Before we made it into the car she was already frustrated by factors beyond my control then she became irritated by my timing. Isn’t that how we get with God the Father? Our Heavenly Father gives us instructions then we get impatient with the process and somewhere along the journey we question His timing. We then ask, “how much longer do I have to deal with this situation?” Many times we want to have an easier road or take the path of least resistance. No one wants to endure the trial. I am reminded of the scriptures that tells us that faith triumphs in trouble. Romans 5:1-5 Click Here

When we “look under the hood” of the movie we see a couple of things that the adults and the children have in common. One of the things that jumps out to me is that they are all looking for acceptance and attention. Subsequently they all want to feel valued and respected. They all want love in spite of the pain of their past. Finally, they all want to feel safe with those that are closest to them.

There are three basic things that impact all of the above:

  1. Your relationship with yourself.
  2. Your perception of others.
  3. Your relationship with God.

Many times along our journey we become restless, grow impatient and find ourselves in a dreary place asking God, “Are we there yet?” As we look back at the movie, it is clear that this single mother of two, at some point, went through a stormy season in her life. It is safe to assume that no one gets married to get divorced. No mother plans to raise her children on her own. No father wants to be labeled a deadbeat dad. No child wants to be unloved or rejected.

Life is full of challenges and trials associated with people, choices and hurtful relationships. The enemy is always busy plotting and scheming against you. He will use any contraption or distraction to take you off your predestined course. Nonetheless, let me encourage you. You may not control time, but you can control your choices. It is said that your past is your history and your future is still a mystery. However, there is HOPE and His name is Jesus Christ.

God reminds us throughout scripture that He is faithful in dealing with people and their issues. I’m sure the children of Israel also asked, “Are we there yet?” when they needed God to part the Red Sea. Noah probably asked how much longer when he was building the ark. God will never leave you nor forsake you. He sent His son Jesus to live, die and to be resurrected. He was that one man set apart from all others for you and me. So the next time you find yourself questioning God by asking, “Are we there yet?” just remember, that God is TRUTH and the truth is not on trial. His Word does not return to Him void, it prospers where it is sent. He is no respecter of persons and His record speaks for itself. Just open up your BIBLE and see for yourself. I believe that the secret to many of our issues can be resolved if we apply the truth found in the Book of Philippians 4. In particular verses 4, 12 & 13. Click Here

  1. Rejoice in God in the midst of suffering. Vs. 4 Let your trials serve as a reminder that God is working in your situation for your good. Therefore, rejoice in the midst of your trials.
  2. Encourage yourself and others. Vs.12 Paul’s words not only spoke life to others he also encouraged himself. Just know that what you might presently be facing or have previously experienced isn’t always for you. Paul’s experiences served as a test of his faith, but they were well documented for us.
  3. Have confidence that Christ will see you through it. Vs.13 Paul was not confident in his own works, but that of Christ. God’s track record of bringing you through your last stormy situation should be a confidence booster that He will see you through.