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In the late 70’s early 80’s there was a popular CBS Saturday morning cartoon by the name of Popeye the Sailor Man. The show starred Popeye – the pipe smoking sailor, Olive Oyl – his misfit girlfriend and Brutus – the trouble making nemesis of Popeye.

Popeye would do anything to prove his love for Olive Oyl. Oftentimes he would save her from herself. In fact, there were many times where Popeye would have to rescue Olive Oyl from the misfortune that she got herself into. No matter how daunting the obstacle was he would simply eat his spinach and be off to save the day.

Now from time to time Olive Oyl wanted Popeye to be something that he wasn’t. No matter how hard she tried to change him – he was still just Popeye the spinach eating pipe smoking sailor. His favorite line was – “I yam what I yam and tha’s all what I yam.”

Ladies, here’s something else that we know about Popeye. He told Olive Oyl who he was, but more importantly he showed her who he wasn’t. Popeye was not this Ivy League Scholar from some well to-do home. He was not the man that wears fine Italian custom suits. In fact, he wasn’t even the man that said I love you every hour-on-the-hour. But he was the man that professed his love for her through his actions. He was the man that would provide for her and do anything for her. He was the man that was there for her every time she needed him.

What Olive Oyl failed to realize is that she wasn’t the easiest women to please and provide for. However, Popeye never declined the challenge, nor did he ever turn down the opportunity to serve her. Too often in today’s culture a woman says she wants a good man. She says that she is looking for a man that will be a good provider, one that will profess his love and a man that will protect her. However, when he appears she makes him feel as though he is never good enough. For example: If she goes back to school gets her MBA and gets a new set of friends. She now makes him feel as though he has to do the same thing, or they won’t potentially fit in with her new set of friends. Her new set of girl friends are married to lawyers, doctors and engineers.

There’s one thing that we know about Popeye and that is that he is the man that he is. Although, he told Olive Oyl who he was, he showed her who he wasn’t. Olive Oyl is not alone. There are many more women like her that go into relationships thinking that they can CHANGE a man. The fact of the matter is the only person that can cause change is God. Stop going into relationships SAYING that you can accept him for who he is but when who he is isn’t who you want him to be – you want him to change.

Learn how to VALUE and APPRECIATE a good man when you have one. Sometimes you’ll never fully appreciate the fact that you have a good man until you’ve pushed him away and he’s gone. Remember, a man that’s COMMITTED is always better than a man that’s INVOLVED any day. (Read my blog: Why Should the Chicken Get Involved if the Pig Won’t Commit)

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