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Many people have chased love, cried for love, fought over love and died in the name of love. So why is this word LOVE such an enigma to understand? Is it really love to begin with? Or, is it, luv, lust and lies? Do men love differently than women? Do women receive love differently than men? How does a man express his love?

Ladies, how would you feel if you were in a relationship with a man who never said, “I love you”? Or, if he said it, it was only after you said it first? Fellas, how would you feel if you were with a woman and her actions showed what appears to be luv, but her words never expressed love?

Too many times people enter into a relationship ill-equipped and ill-prepared for the amount of work required to sustain love in the relationship. In fact, too many get caught up in the feelings and emotions involved with expressing love and completely misunderstand what is love. Love is not just what you say, but what you do. Love is the action. Note: For the purpose of this blog love is selfless and luv is selfish.

Men love differently than women. Men tend to release their feelings and women tend to show them. Men tend to keep their emotions bottled inside and women tend to wear their emotions on the outside. However, a man will express his love and emotions through the act of making love. In other words, men give love to get sex. Comparatively, a woman likes to show her feelings and emotions through her expressions and actions outside the bedroom. However, in the bedroom she will give sex to get love. Ladies: I will highlight more on the topic of how men love in my next blog.

Does our society really care what love is? Does our culture really care where love originates? Or, are we more into shows like “Scandal” that paint a picture of deception, luv, lust and lies, that millions of Americans gather by their televisions screens to watch every week. Where are our values? Where are our priorities when it comes to the vows of marriage, family and love? Have we allowed the filth and the muck displayed on our television screens to alter, control and run our lives? Have we allowed television to tell us how we should LOVE?

Has your life become a story of deception, bitterness, brokenness and lies? In the beginning of every relationship things seem to be so right. Everything feels fine. In fact, nothing can go wrong. He says the right thing. She does just what you want her to do. He seems to be so nice. Not to mention he is easy on the eyes. She looks flawless when she is all done up. Her hair, nails and toe nails are on point. She looks like the perfect 10.

As the storyline unfolds there’s a shift in their behavior. She used to say the words, I love you, I miss you, I’m thinking about you, you make my heart skip a beat. He used to stare into your eyes and whisper sweet nothings, bring you cards and flowers, open the car door and leave little love notes, etc. You both used to talk for hours at a time on the phone. Now it’s just hi, bye, and I’ll be back. Where did the enthusiasm, passion and excitement go that was there in the beginning? So, is it really love? Or, is it, LUV, LUST and LIES?

What’s really unfortunate is that a small minority of women and men have lowered the bar for the majority. Too many women have become desperate and have begun to spend more time preying on and pursuing a man, rather than praying and pursuing God to prepare them for a man. Too many men have begun looking to LUV the woman, rather than seeking to LOVE and honor God through the woman. Note: Fellas, the key to making love to a woman starts with her mind, but the key to loving a woman starts in her spirit.

So how does a man or a woman love versus luv? To really understand the difference, you must know what love is through the lenses of God. God is love. By His action of sending His son Jesus Christ to die for us He showed us what UNCONDITIONAL love is. Jesus came and SACRIFICED His life in the natural so that we may have life in the eternal. Real love is limitless, does not have boundaries, and is not conditional.

Sadly, when a person does not have a relationship with God it makes it much more difficult for them to truly understand love. It becomes difficult for them to find peace, have balance and enjoy inner harmony. People make decisions leaning on their own understanding of the things they are accustom to. They respond in their flesh by leading with their emotions, feelings and desires. When problems arise they appeal to the luv of their flesh versus the love of their spirit. The Bible says the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. (Matthew 26:41)

Example: When a woman doesn’t know who she is in spirit, she can only identify who she is in the flesh. Often the biggest mistake that she makes is in the man that she chooses. She can’t distinguish the difference between Mr. Wrong and Mr. Right. She sees the man that appears to be everything that she wants, but she is unsure he is all that she needs. Because she only recognizes who she is in the flesh, she can’t connect with who she is in the spirit. Is it really love? Or, is it luv, lust and lies?

Ladies: When you have a relationship with God you can recognize the right man by his spirit and the wrong man by the lust of his flesh. It’s a red flag if he only says; I love you just before sex. It’s a red flag if he says, “I love you,” but never introduces you to his friends and family. Is it really love? Or, is it luv, lust and lies?

Fellas: Just because a woman says, I love you doesn’t mean that she’s in love with you. The fact is that some women get so caught up in their desire to be loved that they chase the feeling of love. They spend their time trying to entice and seduce a man thinking this will give him an emotional connection. Many times people connect how good the luv is in the bedroom with the love outside the bedroom. Sex DOES NOT give a man an emotional connection; but when you are married a man needs sex to have an emotional connection with you.

All of us have probably experienced hurt in a relationship at some point, but at what point do hurt people stop hurting innocent people? When should they get help? Imagine being in a relationship where your partner never told you they loved you? How would you react? How would you handle being in a marriage for many years and your spouse finally tells you that they questioned whether or not they loved you from the beginning? What would you do? What would you say? So, how do you really know if it’s LOVE? Do you really understand how to LOVE your spouse? Do they really understand how to LOVE you? Or, is it luv, lust and lies?

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