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In the movie, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man, actor Michael Ealy played the role of Dominic. Dominic was the dreamer who dreamed of becoming a chef and owning his own restaurant. However, he lacked drive, did not have a strategy and couldn’t find execution. In the meantime, he held down several small jobs to make ends meet.

While working at his valet job he sees a gorgeous woman named Lauren played by actress Taraji P. Henson drive up in a hot car. On the outside she appears to have it all going on. Dominic loves what he sees, but his PRIDE takes over. He immediately feels as though he has to send his representative because he is intimidated by the material possessions that he sees. He’s afraid to introduce himself as himself because of his fear of rejection. So, he tosses off his valet jacket and GIVES CHASE by jumping into an expensive 2-door Mercedes that he takes from his job. All of this just to make an impression to convince her that he is on her level.

The moment he sees her at the stop light he puts on his best media personality. In this story, Dominic wanted his reality to match where only his dreams had taken him. Unfortunately, Dominic was still in the process of pursuing his dreams and not living them. He was working on his vision. What he failed to plan out was how his lies would expose his INSECURITIES. His cover was about to be exposed while on his second job. While serving tables for a private event Dominic would hear Lauren’s name being introduced as the guest speaker. In an effort not to reveal his true identity he accidentally caused a seen by knocking over a tray out of the hand of one of his fellow waiters. His cover was immediately blown. He was out of order to begin with by introducing Lauren to his alter ego and representative.

Again, when dating why do we feel that it is so necessary to be something that we are not? In fact, has our culture resorted to an animalistic approach to finding a spouse by serial dating and dating through websites? (E.g. eHarmony, Christian Singles etc.) Have we become too impatient and unwilling to wait on God? Do our actions and behaviors reflect that we TRUST God?  Are we AFRAID to be alone? Are we too busy looking for healing in a man or woman rather than God? Have we become the culture that will justify scriptures to fit our situation? In other words, we make wrong appear as right and right look like wrong. As Christian’s have our BEHAVIORS modeled the 9 Fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) along with the process of being convicted, converted and changed?

Points to remember: Don’t send your representative to do something that your pride can’t handle. Let the God in you be bigger than the man/woman in YOU. Stop trying to be something that you aren’t. Your integrity says a lot about your character. You should never allow the fear of rejection to lead you into making poor choices. There’s nothing wrong with being under construction when God is working on you. Ladies, notice that the man gave chase. You may be the BEST thing for him, but he may be UNSURE if you’re the right thing for him. Let him be the one to R.S.V.P. in your future. The Bible reminds us that when a man findeth a wife. He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 18:22 NIV


  • Have you ever introduced your representative to someone? Why?
  • Are you intimidated when you meet new people? Why?
  • Are you intimidated by the look of success?
  • Is integrity important to you in a relationship? Why?
  • Would you give someone like Dominic a shot if he were honest from the beginning? Why or why not?
  • How would you deal with someone who embellishes the truth?
  • How have your insecurities ruined a past or present relationship?
  • How do you handle rejection? After being rejected how do you feel about yourself?
  • How do you reject other people?
  • Should a woman GIVE CHASE to the man?
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