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It’s For Your Good

Part 1

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor for my annual eye exam. Upon arrival I was asked to sign-in, take a seat and complete a 3 page questionnaire. I read over the disclosures, answered the questions and signed and submitted all the forms. Shortly thereafter, my name was called by the staff at the front desk. At that moment I was asked to provide proof of insurance along with my photo I.D.

Once I provided the requested information I sat back down for another 10-15 minutes before my name was CALLED again. This time it was the optometric assistant calling me back. The optometric assistant is trained to handle some of the very basic processes and procedures before you see the doctor. She took me into a room full of fancy, hi-tech equipment. While there, she performed a number of routine tests and asked me a series of questions pertaining to my history. My family history to be exact. I have always wondered why this information is so crucial. I even pondered to myself, “Why do I have to go through this process before seeing the doctor?” The doctor understands the importance and the benefit of knowing someone’s family history. The question that is not asked may be an expensive lesson to learn. Ultimately, certain symptoms may transpire during treatment. For example, the doctor must know if there’s a family history of hypertension or heart disease so that he or she may exercise precaution while providing care. Conversely, if you’re interviewing a new candidate to be your significant other wouldn’t it also be vitally important to know their family history? What violence, abuse, or trauma have they experienced? What values, beliefs, and dispositions do they possess? Just like the doctor you must guide them through the process. You don’t want to find out, after the fact, when it is too late to use the information you have gathered to make an informed decision.

Points to remember:

  1. When God calls your number, you better be ready.
  2. There’s a process, lesson and a benefit to every situation that you go through.
  3. Before saying, “I do” you need to talk about their family history and childhood experiences. Issues not addressed may very well be relived and acted out with you playing the “starring role”. (For a list of FREE downloadable questions before saying, I do visit:

What I’ve come to realize is that there is a process and a procedure for almost everything that we do in life. I have come to understand that some things are just not going to happen on my timeline. In fact, when I went to the doctor’s office there were many things that I had absolutely no control over. I had no control over the doctor’s personal schedule and how much time he allotted to each patient. I had no control over the friendliness of the doctor’s staff. I couldn’t regulate the time that it would take to complete the entire process. So then, if I could not orchestrate any of these things why would I try to rush and expedite the process?

Oftentimes, in life we spend too much time trying to rush or constrain a process. We live in a culture that wants immediate gratification. We live in a time that wants to look like yesterday while enjoying tomorrow’s benefits. However, I’m here to tell you that there are some things that you just can’t rush or turn back. You can’t rush maturity, wisdom, experience and God’s season of blessings on your life. You can’t turn back your health or your age. You’ll never be sixteen again. Many times, what we as a society fail to realize is that it’s all working together for our good. Some may ask the question, how is it working for our good?


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  1. Timely, relevant, and impactful! Thank you for the reminder that His hands are always on me! Continued blessings in your ministry. It’s all working for my good!

    Sep 26, 2014

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  2. Sharon

    insightful. Thank you

    Sep 28, 2014

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