It's Vital to Kingdom Security

On August 19, 2014, Director Don Michael Paul released a sequel to the original film: Jarhead directed by Sam Mendes. Although Jarhead 2 was never released in theatres, the majority of critics gave it favorable reviews. However, some critics scrutinized that the movie did not qualify as a sequel and did not do justice in its portrayal of the real dangers that American forces faced in Afghanistan.

The movie was based on a small unit of Marines working on a resupply mission inside a heavily populated Taliban territory. During a supply trip the team is confronted by opposing Taliban forces in a heated gunfire exchange. They suffer the loss of their section leader who is essential in completing their assignment. Although down one man, the mission must proceed. Corporal Chris Merrimette is tasked by his Commanding Officer to lead his squad on their next resupply assignment. Shortly after departure from base camp the team encounters their first of several problems. They encounter a threateningly mysterious package along the roadside. Rather than risk the mission and the lives of the team, Corporal Merrimette halt’s the convoy to radio back to base command to report their findings. The Marines are given specific instructions to stand down and wait for the explosives team to arrive to their position.

After sitting for hours in a sweltering hot vehicle, many of the team members begin to grow restless, weary and frustrated. One hot headed team member decides to completely defy orders by approaching the package at the risk of the mission and welfare of the entire team. After discovering that the package was a hoax they resumed the mission, but not before Corporal Danny Ketner can physically get his hands on the belligerent Afghan Army National private.

Not long after moving forward they run into a team of two stranded Navy Seals. The seals were there completing a separate assignment to rescue a female Afghan education activist who is a hostage of Taliban forces. After teaming together they are ambushed by Taliban insurgents. While in the midst of ferocious gun battle, one of the Marine’s becomes paralyzed by fear leaving the rest of his team vulnerable and having to carry the weight of his load. With the enemy drawing down on his position, one of his fellow Marine’s makes an unselfish decision to leap to his rescue. Sadly, his bravery would save the life of his teammate, but would not save his own. The squad would go on to successfully defeat the insurgents then regroup to continue the mission.

Their next meeting with Taliban insurgents would prove fatal for the lone Navy Seal. Taliban forces would eventually recover the package (activist). Although, the team is smaller Corporal Merrimette is able to get them to believe in themselves, believe in the mission and to lay it all down for their assignment. Together they are able to secure the female activist and return safely to base command.

Just like Corporal Merrimette your Commander (God) has already chosen and entrusted YOU to carry out the mission. You must embrace your role and handle your responsibility by employing faith, prayer, fasting, family time and spiritual devotions. Your assignment is vital to Kingdom Security. You are tasked to a resupply mission to give hope to the hopeless, help the broken hearted, feed the homeless, nurture the sick and lead all non-believers to Christ. Your team must be PREPARED to answer the call at any given moment. Stay sharp and remain vigilant. “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58 NIV)

Each member must be equipped to recite the scriptures towards salvation through Romans Road, discuss God’s requirements for love and forgiveness, read your BIBLE daily and share the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. This mission will NOT be easy. The team may take casualties and experience injuries. The physical and mental demands of spiritual warfare are real and the enemy is extremely tactful. However, the mission must continue, but not at the expense of one person’s belligerence, willful disobedience and blatant disregard for God’s Kingdom agenda. In addition, you must be clear that the assignment that is brought to you by others is not at the expense of God’s Kingdom plan for your life. Be brave, be faithful and remain focused in His WORD.


Pt. 1- It Doesn’t Matter What the Critics Believe – It MATTERS What You BELIEVE – Stay the Course

Pt. 2- You must be Clear about Your Assignment with Others and Understand their Purpose with You – The Kingdom is at Risk

Pt. 3-To Receive the Blessing You’ve Got to be Willing to Answer the Call

Pt. 4- What God Gives to You, Don’t Let Man Take From You

Pt. 5- If You Don’t Lead with Faith You Live by Fear