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Earlier this morning I was exercising. The plan was to do 100 pushups and 500 sit-ups. The sit-ups came with ease, however the pushups were a completely different story. My plan was to “get it done” and I was DETERMINED to FINISH what I had started.

So many of us have lost our DETERMINATION and have grown impatient. We become frustrated and have allowed weariness to tie us down and DISTRACT us from “God’s Plan”. Instead of being full of expectation, we give into hopelessness. We have watched one too many episodes of The Wizard of Oz, or overdosed on too many replays of Cinderella. There are some life situations that you cannot click your heels to escape and glass slippers that you cannot slip into. The reality is that sometimes you’ll find yourself in a very awkward place. Sometimes you’ll find yourself unclear of how today will conclude and unsure of how tomorrow will begin.

If I am talking to you, keep reading, if not, STOP here.

You see, what happened to me this morning was all birthed from a REACTION and not born from a PLAN. My reaction was “caused by the mirror”. Many of us are making the same mistake. We are pointing blame on something or someone, but NOT accepting RESPONSIBILITY or OWNERSHIP for ourselves. The mirror DID NOT cause me to gain weight or lose muscle tone – my CHOICES did. So many of us are reacting and making choices based on the lies we have told ourselves, or what we’ve seen and heard from other people instead of what we’ve heard from God. We’ve bought into this newer notion that, “the reason most people fail instead of succeeding is that they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.”(Unknown) Or, in the words of John L. Beckley, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

My friends, how many of you know that YOU can put the best plan into action, but if your plan is not God’s PLAN for your life, it won’t work? For instance, many of us are making elaborate plans to celebrate yet another new year. But few of us are communicating with the air traffic controller (GOD) to find out His plan. How many of us know that an OLD MENTALITY in a new year won’t change a thing? Let me encourage you that it’s NEVER TOO LATE to communicate with God. However, when your foundation is off it can be detrimental to your future.

When I started with the sit-ups this morning there was no one around to see me. Never the less, God saw me. He knew my heart’s desire and my minds intent. He knows that some things will come with ease, while other things will come over time. Of course it makes all the difference in the world that my foundation is in Him, but a firm foundation alone doesn’t mean there won’t be elements to test and try it.

As perfect as some of us claim to be and while excellence is where many of strive to be, we must be patient with OURSELVES and BELIEVE that God is working out His plan for our lives. In the meantime, we must be DETERMINED to ENDURE the trial and patient to FINISH the journey. It may not make sense now, but in the words of my good friend, Dr. Pamela Love Manning, “Let It Serve YOU”. Every life issue can serve YOU. Some people will see the problem, while others will see the opportunity. Regardless, “Let It Serve You”.

Remember, God will ALWAYS finish what He has started, or should I say God has ALREADY finished what He started. There are two ways to look at the previous statements. It is dependent on how you see God and who you BELIEVE He is to you. Everything we have need of has already manifested itself in the spirit. Decide now to agree with God and allow Him to guide, lead and direct your actions to manifest His Plan in the natural realm. When it’s all said and done, you may be working on a plan, but God has already worked out HIS Plan. Trust the process and know that God’s PLAN always WORKS.


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