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 Can We Talk? A Journey Towards Having a Healthy and Lasting Relationship

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“As a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, I learned how to kill a man, but not how to LOVE a woman.”

Since then, my life experiences and biblical studies have taught me many lessons about relationships. As someone who is passionate about God, life and healthy relationships I share some of those experiences in my book: Can We Talk?

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Strengthen your vertical alignment with God – God is the source and the strength of all that we do and all that we are. Without him in our lives and in our relationship we are nothing.

Improve your communication skills – Learn essential tips on how to improve your communications between you and your partner.

Identify and resolve “root” issues – Everyone has “root” issues – emotional scars from past experiences that may have created roadblocks on your path towards a healthy, life-long marriage. This book will help you identify those issues within yourself and provide you and your partner with tools to remove them.

Be accountable Once you have completed your self-assessment and have become aware of your “root” issues, you should make yourself accountable to someone who wants to see you mature as a person and life-partner. Don’t be a statistic.

Praise for Can We Talk…

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This review is from: Can We Talk? A Journey Towards Having a Healthy and Lasting Relationship (Kindle Edition)

I just finished reading Can We Talk? This book was excellent for singles, engaged, and married couples. It was an easy read that kept me fully engaged on the subject. I appreciate the candor and transparency by Mr. Richardson regarding his personal life and how it affected him. I was pleasantly surprised by his honesty of not only from the point of view of women, but of men. Although I have never been married, I see the true value of the information and advice presented by Mr. Richardson. This book definitely inspired me to re-examine myself prior to getting to any relationship and focus mainly on my relationship with God; keeping Him first and foremost as the head in any of my relationships. I welcome his frankness in the operation of marriage and relationships. I honestly believe if anyone applies the principles that he has offered; the life of a marriage or relationship will be saved. I highly recommend this book.

Lives will be changed and relationships will be truly enriched by this new bestselling book, “Can We Talk!” Chris does an outstanding job of incorporating much needed relationship tips with biblical principles! This book will most definitely take your relationship to the NEXT LEVEL and transform your life! ~ Melanie Bonita ~ Amazon Bestselling Author of “Daily Dose of Determination” and “Daily Dose of Decisions”

Whether you’re single, engaged or married, Can We Talk… is a powerful book that challenges and inspires you to have a relationship God’s way. Chris’ transparency, practical nuggets, and thought-provoking questions encourage you to do a self-examination and have heartfelt conversations that can transform your life and relationship. ~Dr. Pam Love, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Life Coach

Chris Richardson is a man on a mission… a mission to use his pain to help others to find happiness. He has experienced the good, and the bad, the happy and the sad, and wants to help people avoid some of the pitfalls on the path to happiness. I believe you will be empowered by his message and grow from it!  Enjoy the journey!  Willie Jolley – Best selling author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback