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No matter who you are or where you live, whether you have fame or fortune, whether your name is Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates or President Obama, no matter your skin color or cultural background; NO ONE is exempt from “the struggle within”; that emotional turmoil that erodes peace and leaves us in a state of anxiety; the feeling of unending spiritual angst and unrest.

From the cradle to the grave we all have a struggle. Some people struggle with addictions (i.e. drinking, smoking, working, exercise, drugs, gambling, sex, pornography, TV, food or coffee) while others struggle with afflictions (i.e. pain, hardship or disease). Others are born with physical challenges, social challenges (sometimes self-inflicted). Irrelevant of the cause, there is still an internal struggle.

Many children are born today with physical challenges. Some of these children may require specialized care and attention. Whether it’s an illness, handicap or issue with growth. These are all physical challenges. These difficulties can play as the nucleus that grows the atom of intrinsic struggle. During this physicality phase children begin questioning their differences, doubting their abilities and even rejecting their own physical nature. This can be a very awkward time for a child not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. It is a known fact that their adolescent bodies will develop faster than their minds will mature. This in and of itself can lead to a higher level of anxiety. This tension gets played out in children’s first social experiences in child care.

A child has his or her first encounter with social challenges in the home based on the experience provided by the primary caregiver and family. However, their behaviours are either positively reinforced or adversely changed when a child attends child care. Oftentimes, child care becomes the first litmus test to determine how a child will fit and respond in a social setting without the primary caregiver. A child’s first experience in a formal learning environment is a critical component to early childhood development. This is also a time when children can experience teasing, tormenting, bullying and even rejection in response to their differences. Differences such as skin complexion, body type/size, hair, shoe size, social status, etc. When this occurs (and it is very likely to happen in child care) the child may hear a well-meaning adult tout these words, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This is one of the biggest fallacies known to man. Words hold power. Derogatory words can attack and destroy a person’s soul (mind, will and emotions), leaving permanent scars and leading to self-inflicted challenges.

After child care, children move on to pre-school where they will experience a fresh new environment of peers, teachers and rules. This new environment for the child can minimize or maximize their internal struggles. For parents and teachers it’s a critical time of observation and interaction designed to ensure that each child is provided with the best opportunities to learn and excel within their surroundings. Not only will they have to learn how to effectively communicate in the individual child’s preferred learning language, but also amongst one another. Neither party can sit back and allow a child to suffer in silence or become victim to hazing, abuse or depression. These issues are often induced by environment. It is a known fact that good behaviour that gets rewarded gets repeated. However, a child that does not feel valued, celebrated and rewarded has a higher tendency of not knowing how to value, appreciate and reward others in adulthood.

Protecting and Projecting

Celebrities fight to protect their image, while inwardly projecting to capture and hold on to their image.

Michael Jackson – No one would have ever suspected that the global icon known as “The King of Pop”, would have lost his life to his own “struggle within”. His personal obsession with perfection pushed him to the top of the pop charts and worldwide acclaim. In fact, if you haven’t ever experienced a Michael Jackson concert then you’ve never experienced a true performance. His shows were unprecedented. However, in order for Michael to perform at his best he would have to do everything within his power to try to feel at his best. You see Michael struggled within to be everything to everyone; so much so that he could not be true to himself. Tragically, this cost him far more than the tangible things his money could buy. His projection would cost him his life.

Beyoncé – Although, Beyoncé’s camp works hard to keep her image picture perfect, she’s not exempt from the “struggle within”. Whether it’s the gruelling demands of performing for sold out crowds or dealing with the rumours and gossip surrounding her father Matthew Knowles and his alleged mistresses and love children. Or, if it’s dealing with the press after her hip-hop mogul husband, Jay Z and sister Solange Knowles rousing public elevator battle. There is seemingly never a private moment for her to breathe. From the second she leaves her home every blood thirsty paparazzi is vying to catch a glimpse of her persona, anxious to capture the slightest falter that will make TMZ news or to sell the next tantalizing tale to the Enquirer. Without a doubt Beyoncé may have all of the notoriety and riches in the world, but I’m sure she doesn’t have all the peace of the world. Maybe, if the truth were to be told, I’m sure she is longing for one day of normalcy. A day that the average person takes for granted and wishes away in pursuit of the “good life” that so many well knowns, unknowingly, are trying to escape. The same recognition that these once unknowns yearned for can ironically become crippling pressure. Pressure that turns into oppression making it quite difficult to exist in the unparalleled peace of just being one’s self. Celebrities become slaves to projecting the image of whom and what the world says they should be. Yes. Fame and status has its perks and benefits. But at what cost? Is it a price any one is willing to pay?

Whitney Houston – Many of us knew and adored the late Whitney Houston, who died from an apparent drug overdose. Unknown to many, it was her older brother Michael who introduced her to what would eventually be her demise – drugs. The whole world knew Whitney for her incredible voice. We grew up belting out the lyrics of “Mr. Telephone Man” with her husband Bobby Brown the talented teen icon in the hit group – New Edition. However, what we least suspected was that her “struggle within” really began much earlier in her life, long before she ever met Bobby. She struggled with her identity. Torn between being what everyone else wanted her to be and what she wanted to become. It was her family and church supporters that handpicked her to be the next gospel sensation over being the next R & B Diva. Unfortunately, Whitney would choose the fast life. A fast life that would provide her with fascinating opportunities and wonderful experiences. Along with those experiences came tougher choices. Sadly, her struggle within led to her demise.

The Moment of Truth – Embrace Your Truth Release Your Struggle

From health struggles to family struggles, “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”. The core of the struggle may originate from a different seed for all of us, but one thing is certain: if the issue is not addressed at the root of the matter, it will become the crisis of your life. It does not matter whether you have celebrity status, fame, or fortune; whether you are a male or female we all struggle with something. However, we must be cognizant of how we allow the struggle within to keep us from being our authentic self.

Don’t allow material possessions\ tangible things, social pressure or your physical appearance to keep you from being your true self. Someone’s opinion of you does not have to diminish your reality, nor does it have to become your business. Don’t allow someone to put a title on you and don’t allow yourself to project a tag of something that you are not. Bishop TD Jakes and Joel Osteen are two of the most influential preachers in the world. Both have sold millions of books, tapes and have sold out coliseums across North America. However, Joel can’t be a TD Jakes and vice versa. They are not competing against one another because they both know that there’s no competition within the Kingdom of God. They have divine revelation about whom and whose they are. As a result, they both remain true to self by working within their individual gifting. What can you do to embrace your authentic self and let the world see you for who you really are?

Understand Where You Are

Never be ashamed of who you are, but always be truthful about where you are. The second that you start projecting something that you are not is the moment you lose your authenticity. You were not born to be a cheap copy or a duplicate. You were born to be an original. Michelangelo (the greatest artist of the 16th Century) was never known for being a copy. He was known for being a one-of-a-kind and still is today. Playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare was regarded as the greatest writer of the English language not because he was an imposter protecting or projecting an image of something that he wasn’t; he was known for being true to himself. One of his most popular quotes is, “To thine own self be true.”

We have seen, since the beginning of time, the fall of man with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Both men and women alike succumb to struggles from within. There are countless stories in the Bible from Sarah (who doubted) to Orpah (making a decision- should I stay or should I go? (Note the Book of Ruth), Jeremiah (too young for the task) to Peter (reject or accept Jesus) and many others who dealt with “the struggle within”. The Apostle Paul talks about the two natures that he personally struggled with in Romans 7:14-16 – The Message. “I can anticipate the response that is coming: “I know that all God’s commands are spiritual, but I’m not. Isn’t this also your experience?” Yes. I’m full of myself—after all, I’ve spent a long time in sin’s prison. What I don’t understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise. So if I can’t be trusted to figure out what is best for myself and then do it, it becomes obvious that God’s command is necessary.”

We can agree that there is conclusive evidence that the struggle is real and that the struggle is mental (of the mind). One might wonder how the Apostle Paul was able to win and become victorious over the struggle. Remember, the Apostle Paul was formerly known as Saul. He was the same man that took pleasure in persecuting Christians for years. However, Saul had an encounter with Jesus and was sent to a town in Damascus where he was to find a man named Ananias. It was there in the house that Ananias touched the eyes of Saul. Not only could Saul now literally see in the natural he could now also SEE (he was filled with the Holy Spirit enabling him to see things spiritually).This was Saul’s experience of God’s supernatural powers. From that time on he would be referred to as Paul. Paul went on to write most of the New Testament and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus. In this account we can see the evidence of God working in Paul’s life as he imparted the expression of God’s love to others.

Paul was able to overcome “the struggle within” because of God’s LOVE and MERCY on his life. God took him through a complete transformation. It wasn’t until after the transformation that Paul surrendered to living his life according to God’s laws and principles. Remember, it was Paul who was shipwrecked, persecuted, imprisoned and more. However, it was his FAITH and relationship with God that allowed him to overcome the struggle.

The moral of this message is that we all have something that we grapple and struggle with. Through it all we must remember this fact, it’s never too late for God to step into the domain of your life and turn your struggle into your VICTORY of tomorrow. We see this illustrated throughout the scriptures and every day through numerous miracles that have happened. Just know that when God makes you a promise He always provides you with a provision to fulfil the promise. God’s promises are YES and Amen. His Word does not return to Him void; It prospers where It is sent!

From this day forward you will no longer be a prisoner trapped in your own head. You will no longer struggle with denial, acceptance, rejection, doubt, fear, discouragement or any other situation in your life that causes you drama, anxiety or stress. You will not have to be placed in a strait jacket or a witness protection program because of your struggle. You may have a struggle, but the struggle doesn’t have to have YOU.

Listen, we all struggle and have fallen short of God’s glory, but if we are going to defeat our struggles we must take ACTION. This is the moment of TRUTH. This is the season for breakthrough.

1. You must accept that you have a struggle.

2. Then you must embrace your struggle as a thing of your past.

3. Turn your struggle over to God. (Prayer, fasting, meditation)

4. If necessary seek professional counselling or therapy.

5. Act as IF you are already healed, delivered and set FREE. Because, he whom the Son sets FREE, is FREE in deed. (John 8:36)

Today’s ASSIGNMENT is NOT to focus on the struggle, but to ignite your FAITH through the struggle. Then F.O.C.U.S (Faith Overcomes any Challenge under any Situation) on God. Although, the new path may appear different, just rest assured that FAITH wasn’t supposed to make sense to man, but it does make sense to God. Stay the course. Don’t grow weak and weary in your well-doing. YOUR best is still yet to come! 


The key to overcoming the struggle is to identify your struggle, embrace your truth and be real with your struggle. Then you MUST learn how to TRUST God by casting your cares over to Him and allow God to remove your struggle. Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” (Psalm 55:22 NIV)

  1. What is your struggle?
  2. How do you currently deal with your struggle?
  3. List 3 actionable steps that you can take towards addressing your struggle? (I.e. prayer, meditation, joining a church, counselling, talking it over with a friend etc.)
  4. What are you asking God to do to reveal and remove your struggle?
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