What Does The Baby Need?

RELATIONSHIP QUESTION: What does the baby NEED? How do you know?

Would you agree… that it’s hard to figure out the NEEDS of the baby when it’s crying? Would you also agree that sometimes it’s possible to overlook the NEED of the baby simply by trying to silence the cry? Lastly, wouldn’t it be easier to understand the NEEDS of the baby if it could only talk?

Whether it’s the baby crying or the adult screaming, the more you focus on the surface result the longer it will take to get to the root of the issue.

We all know that eventually the baby will be able to talk. However, just because it starts spewing out words doesn’t mean they’ll all make sense. The ultimate goal here is for the baby to mature to a place where they learn how to communicate their NEEDS, more than act out their emotions.

As the listener, your assignment is to ask questions of the baby. Not only will this teach the baby how to connect with their NEEDS, but it will help minimize your frustration while trying to understand them.

Communication tip:

Apply the following:

1. What you don’t say might be saying more than what you are saying. Good communicators know that what they don’t say in words should not be acted out on in their actions. You’ll always lose people when your body language conveys more than your message.

2. Show C.A.R.E =
Compassion – The key to any thriving relationship is you must show compassion. It’s one thing for them to hear you say it, it’s another for them to see it in action.

Appreciation – The words, “thank you”, or “I appreciate you” can go along way. However, the actions behind them can take you further. Try it.

Respect – Whether she is a stay at home mom, or the CEO of a major corporation – she needs respect. Conversely, whether he makes a million dollars a month or one thousand a week – he needs respect. Respect is the admiration or reverence you give to a person regardless of their achievements.

Encouragement – Encouragement is the language you use and the words that you choose to uplift the other person.

3. S.U. & L.U. = Speak to be understood and listen to understand. It’s impossible to hear a person with your mouth moving.

4. Apply L.U.V.
Listen – Listen to what they are saying.  Understand – Give them back what you heard. Validate – Validate what they need.

5. Give GRACE – Grace is when God doesn’t give you what you deserve for your actions, or your disobedience. It’s a problem when either spouse gives more grace to the child more than the other spouse. However, it’s a bigger problem when one party begins to act like a mini god by judging, condemning or showing unforgiving heart.

My question for YOU: What does YOUR relationship NEED?