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Not many people notice that they attract the same types of mates or partners again. This happens with people who go through a break-up and swear not to date the same type of person again. The question here is why some people keep attracting the same type of mates?

The main thing why some people keep attracting the same type of mate is that some people chase people who don’t know how to give what they want and hence end up with the person who was no different from an earlier partner.

Another thing why some people keep attracting the same type of mates is that a person is not willing to grow and picks up a partner for the same old reason.

The key in attracting in a different partner lies in winning a partner with incredible lovability. In addition, there is also a need for a person to change and grow with age. If you don’t change and grow chances are you might end up attracting the same types of mates over and over again. Therefore, see to it that you choose a partner wisely as relationships are always about growth.

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