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The International House of Pancakes Restaurant, also known as IHOP has been in business for over 50-years.  They are mostly known for their zany specials, such as their: Rooty, Tootie, fresh and Fruity pancakes and more.  Many would make the argument that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  In fact, there are millions of eggs, bacon, and ham cooked everyday.  In order for this to happen a chicken has to get INVOLVED and a pig has to COMMIT.  So the question is: why should the chicken get involved if the pig won’t commit?

Interesting fact: for the chicken to feed others, it merely makes the CHOICE to get INVOLVED by laying its eggs.  On the other hand, for the pig to feed others it must make the ultimate SACRIFICE and COMMIT to loosing its life.  The problem is that the chicken knows he has OPTIONS and the pig becomes the option.  Both come to the table with a chicken’s mentality – always looking down on the situation.  The chicken is too CHICKEN to commit because it doesn’t want to show his/her INSIDES (heart).  With the pig what you see is what you get.  He/she isn’t worried about what you see on the outside, because it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

The issue at hand is what happens in a relationship when neither party is willing to COMMIT.  Too many people are just getting INVOLVED and unwilling to COMMIT in their relationship.  Too many people get involved in dead end relationships.  Too many folks have an I HOP mentality – if it doesn’t workout, I’ll just hop over to the next relationship.

Pt. 1 IHOP is a restaurant, not a lifestyle.  Stop (hoeing) hopping and get COMMITTED.

Too often, people are (hoeing) hopping from one relationship to the next.  It’s time to get committed.  One of the problems is you keep spelling commitment like a three letter word (cum) and leaving out the other CHARACTERS in the word.  Commitment will test and show your real character.  Hoeing (hopping) from one person to the next to get the next orgasm does not require commitment.  Commitment requires SACRIFICE of the MIND first, before your BODY.  I hopping with your legs does not.

Pt. 2 Stop wasting your time chasing chickens covered in pigs slop.

When you do things out of your own desires you’ll find yourself spending too much time and negative energy chasing chickens covered in pigs slop.  Learn how to hear and wait on God.  God is the ONLY source that can help you discern the difference between chickens that are involved and pigs that won’t commit.  Besides the fact, you shouldn’t be with chickens to begin with, when you should be soaring with eagles.

Pt. 3 Don’t allow someone else to make you the option when you are the PRIORITY.

When God formed you he never made you to be someone else’s OPTION.  You are the priority and deserve to be treated like royalty.  Psalms 139 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”… In fact, who told you that you were just a chicken?  Listen, chickens don’t fly and pigs get slaughtered, but eagles soar.  Rise to your potential spread your wings and soar.

In closing, in my title I asked the question: Why should the chicken get involved if the pig won’t commit?  Let’s ask the questions a different way: Why should God get INVOLVED, if you won’t COMMIT?  God so LOVED the world that he GAVE His ONLY son (Jesus) to die for you and me. (John 3:16) To love someone takes commitment and commitment requires a sacrifice.  Jesus made the ultimate SACRIFICE by COMMITTING to die on the cross at Calvary.  Have we become too VAIN as a culture that it’s all about us?  Do we not see that the union of marriage is the reflection of Christ’s commitment and union to the church?

My closing questions are for you to ask your partner (Dating or married). Question #1: What are we doing? #2: Would you describe our relationship as being INVOLVED or COMMITTED?  #3: What are you willing to CHANGE in order to improve our outcome? #4: When are you willing to start? (Singles ONLY – You are not someone else’s option.  Married – Depending on the answers, you might need help.)


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